Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Pioneer Woman - Continued!!

Since my last post I have remembered so many more things from The Pioneer Woman's book signing the other night that I thought this required one more post.

Here's how a lot of my conversations in my mind went yesterday.

What? Why yes, I do have lots of conversations going on in my head. Even more so lately, given that I got less than 3 hours of sleep Tuesday night.

Here's a sample conversation: "Oh yeah, and this happened. Or wait - was I dreaming that? No, I think it happened. I should blog about that. Oh look, there's something shinny! Wait, what was I thinking about?"

So, I've had one night of good sleep to get me caught up, and here's some random thoughts of things that I remembered from Ree's book signing in Dallas on Tuesday night. My first post is here in case you missed that.

Her daughter's were there! They are beautiful - just as they are in their pictures. They were signing books as well. I was looking forward to having them sign my books too - but their mother was smart and sent them to bed at a decent hour. So by the time I got up to Ree, they were gone.

Gosh - I hope that me keeping Bailey up until 2:00am on a school night doesn't hurt my chances for mother of the year!

Matteo and Teresa were there too, but not their little baby. What an adorable couple they are! And Ree's brother WDS was there, and his two boys were there too. WDS was quite handsome.

Another question I forgot to ask Ree - I wanted her to weigh in on the whole goatee/no goatee debate that has been going on within my family. I figured since she posted that she was thankful for Marlboro Man's goatee she would answer with full support of the goatee. That would give Rominal a "stranger's" viewpoint and hopefully further my case. See, (hee hee) it all comes back to me.

I think that is all of the random thoughts that I have for now. I tend to have my best random thoughts in the middle of the night but I forget them by the time I wake up. I'm still glowing from the whole experience. Lack of sleep and all - it was so worth it!

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