Saturday, December 5, 2009

Trip - where did we go?

With all of the Pioneer Woman excitement going on, the post below about my recent trip kinda got lost.

If you are visiting here from The Pioneer Woman, then welcome! I'm glad you found me! Feel free to hang around a while - and if you are so inclined, please leave me a comment.

Now back to my originally scheduled post.

In an earlier post, I gave you a hint as to where we went before Thanksgiving. Did you guess where we were? Here's the picture hint to see if you can guess.

If you guesses Las Vegas, then you are correct! Give yourself a big pat on the back!

We went there with some good friends of mine. It was a celebration of his birthday.

Since I'm not sure how they would feel about having their picture on my blog, I won't post pictures of them.

I will however show you just one of the desserts he got on his birthday:

He got this at a lunch we had a restaurant called Olives which is at the Bellagio Hotel. We ate outside, right on the fountains of Bellagio. It was such a lovely day to sit outside and watch the fountains and enjoy lunch.

We had a couple of days in Vegas this trip, so we got to do a lot of things.

One night Rominal and I went to see the Blue Man Group. We had seen their tour when it came through Dallas a couple of years ago and we loved it. This show was great as well.

We went to old downtown Las Vegas this trip - we missed that on our last trip.

As you will recall from our last trip to Las Vegas, Rominal left with some unfinished business.

He didn't ride anything at the Stratosphere. He wasn't about to leave Las Vegas this time without conquering his fears.

It's difficult to see, but that's Rominal sitting on the far left of the Big Shot ride - which is 1,081 feet in the air above the Las Vegas strip. You will notice that he is sitting alone - the rest of us did not have the guts to join him.

Here he goes!

He's made it up to the top!

He was so glad that he rode this. He even opened his eyes after a bit.

Luckily, the other two rides were closed due to high winds when we were up there, otherwise with all of his new found confidence, he probably would have ridden them too!


Laurie said...

You made PW's blog! I was so excited when I saw your picture! Tell Bailey Annaleigh misses her!

Jess said...

I sort of feel like a stalker but I followed links here you famous woman! Congrats on making PW's blog, very surprising!

-The AZ Jess

Wendy said...

Laurie - Bailey says to tell Annaleigh hello and that she misses her too!

And Jess - you can stalk me anytime! :-)

Donna said...

I knew from the first photo you were in Las Vegas! I LOVE that town! The Blue Man Group do Rock! Love the smiles and Yea!!! for being part of PW's blog! I saw the family photo and was like...Wendy!!
I saw her last night. So Great!