Thursday, December 10, 2009


With most of the country reaching freezing cold temperatures this week, I certainly hope everyone is warm today. It was 24 degrees at my house this morning.

Everyone should be all bundled up like my Dad today. In fact, my office is so cold that I currently have an electric blanket/throw covering me up now. My coworkers are making fun of me, but that's normal.

My Dad and bonus-mom, Peggy left this morning. They are making the long drive back from Texas to Colorado.

I play a game with Dad and Peggy when they come to visit. I have a little pink birdhouse that I try to sneak into their suitcase or bag before they leave. The goal being that they will get home and find that they have it.

A couple of visits ago, they put it on a shelf in my house and I didn't notice it until their next visit when they had to point it out to me. It had been there for a couple of months.

I should be more observant in my own house, huh?

Well, this morning I had the birdhouse crammed into Peggy's purse and I'm pretty sure that Peggy might not have noticed it except that Dad pointed it out to Peggy (behind my back) when he was hugging me goodbye.

Thus I still have the birdhouse.

But I also have this picture.

It's all good.

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