Saturday, December 19, 2009

Twister and Patience

I thought I would share with you some pictures of my desk cat - Twister.

Also known as Cow to certain relatives of mine who can't remember his name.

He must have heard his name.

Yup, he's up.

I've been busy with shopping, work, Girl Scouts, etc. The usual stuff.

Rominal and I are both done with all of our Christmas shopping and we debated about going ahead and having Christmas now. Before Bailey was born, we would never wait until Christmas to open presents. We just weren't that patient. I've got pictures of us opening gifts on December 20 back when we were much younger.

Once Bailey came along, we had to wait for Santa to arrive before we could open our gifts.

We aren't fooling Bailey anymore, so we toyed with the idea of going ahead and having Christmas today. Why not, right? We've had a lovely day today and the three of us are together here tonight.

In the end, we decided to remain responsible parents and wait until Christmas day to open our gifts to each other.

Besides, the Cowboys are playing and we would no longer have Rominal's full attention.

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