Monday, August 16, 2010

Camping in Cambridge

Its almost the end of the day here in Cambridge. We had the best day here. The girls did tons of activities here on camp which meant a more relaxing day for us.

The girls played a game which simulated not so fair trade, then they learned about water purification. After lunch they played games from around the world and the they built a shelter. If at the end of the allotted time all girls could fit into the shelter, they got to each a package of cookies (or biscuits as they call them here).

Right now the girls are all watching the movie Nanny McPhee. Us ladies have been repacking or organizing the suitcases. Its a mess since we combined stuff for camp.

The ladies here have been the best. Today they brought us meat pie. It was very good. They also brought all kinds of candy for the girls. We couldn't ask for better hosts.

Time to run. Cheers!
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