Thursday, August 26, 2010

We have arrived! Repost

I figured the best way to get through some of these pictures was to go back through my posts from our Girl Scout trip to London.

Below is what I originally posted. I didn't mention that Bailey had thrown up on me on the plane ride over. That was nice.

After flying for 8 1/2 hours and then riding a train and several tubes, we have finally arrived at Pax Lodge. We are so tired but we are very excited to be here in London. We are currently trying to figure out what red bus tour to take.
Gotta run! Bye!
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Here we are (me and Bailey) at the DFW airport.

And here's our entire group - and all of our luggage.

Here's our room at Pax Lodge in London. Bailey and I shared this room for several days. The showers and toilets were down the hall.

I'm still working through all of the pictures, but I will try to post more later.

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Mom (Suzie) said...

Wonderful! Thank you for keeping in touch!