Monday, August 2, 2010

Silver Award!

A week ago I told you about Tiffany and Bailey's work towards earning their Girl Scout Silver Award. Here's the original post in case you missed it.

This award required them to complete 40 hours of work on a community project, over 15 hours of leadership experience, and various other projects.

Bailey was even making blankets on our recent road trip to Kansas City (no one guessed where we were).

I'm so very extremely pleased to announce that today it is official (meaning we have approval from the Girl Scout Council) that they have earned their Silver Award. I'm not even embarrassed to admit that I cried a bit today when I received the email from the council saying that they could pick up their Silver Award pin that will go on the front of their vests.

The girls are quite pleased to have this award on their vests when we visit Pax Lodge in London next week.

Yeah Tiffany and Bailey!