Saturday, August 7, 2010


Bailey often calls me during a storm because she's scared. Or, she would have me tell you that she used to do this, but now that she's older she doesn't do it anymore.

So, when I got a call from her Friday afternoon saying that a storm was in the area, I told her it would be ok and that I was in a meeting and couldn't talk.

She texted me a few minutes later.

"Mom, I need you!"

I called her back and she said that we had water coming into our kitchen through a light fixture in the ceiling. Keep in mind that we have a two story house and our bedroom is above the kitchen. So, this was alarming.

She was clearly scared, so I packed up and headed home. I wasn't prepared for what we saw.

Here's the fence between us and one of our neighbors. Our grill had been picked up and tossed around - it's ruined.

Here's the fence between us and the people behind us.

And one of our side fences.

More fence trouble.

Our furniture had been tossed into our neighbors yard, and then the fence fell on top of it. We had some major winds.

You can see here where the grill metal was all bent.

So, the water in the house came down one of our vent pipes that goes up through the roof. So much water came down that it dripped down the pipe and ran into our first floor kitchen. Our second floor has water damage as well, but not too bad.

Here's the fixture in the kitchen where the water ran out of. And we had just had the ceiling painted.

Today I went out and took some pictures of our roof. There's quite a lot of damage.

The winds even broke off a light bulb on our back lights. The base of the bulb is still in there.

I'm no roofer, but I'm pretty sure roof shingles are supposed to lay flat.

The power was off for a while yesterday and Bailey was pretty shaken up. Our insurance adjuster came by today to write up everything. Our whole neighborhood is looking pretty beat up right now.
Our other next door neighbor even ended up with a trampoline in his backyard. He didn't have one to begin with. We found out today that it came from a couple of doors down.

We are quite proud of Bailey. She did the right thing during the storm - she grabbed the cat and hid out in the downstairs bathroom.

Poor Rominal, he will have to take care of all of the repairs while I'm in London.

I think I have figured out that I can create posts from my cell phone, so I might be posting while I'm gone.


Reading Allowed said...

WHOA! Glad no one was hurt!

Donna said...

Oh my Goodness! That is some wind damage! My Andrew (18) calls me when the weather is bad but he will tell you it's just to check on me. :) We have sirens in our area for tornado alerts and it's always crazy trying to round up 4 cats and the dog and get them to the basement. I am glad to hear that Bailey and kitty stayed safe.
I guess Rominal will have plenty to keep him busy while you girls are in LONDON! So excited for you!!