Thursday, August 19, 2010

Camping in Cambridge

Yesterday the girls went swimming. I joined in with them and after several days of camping, being submerged in water felt wonderful.

Last night, our new friend here, Nadene, took us to a local pub for a traditional English dinner. We had lamb, turkey, cauliflower in cheese, swede, which is similar to parsnips, stuffing, and yorkshire pudding. For dessert we all picked something different. I had a strawberry meringue, similar to a pavlova.

Today we are at the Jarmin center and the girls are learning about starting camp fires and making bread. Later this afternoon, two of the women are going to sneak the three of us adults off for some more site seeing. Because as Caroline said, "it would be just shit if we came to England and just saw a field."

Time for me to run. Cheers!
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Donna said...

I have never tried yorkshire pudding. Did you like it? Love Caroline's quote! Hope you make it out and Cheers for a great time!