Friday, August 20, 2010

Camping in Cambridge

So, today is Friday and it is Teresa's birthday. The women here had a camp chair decorated with balloons and wrapped with ribbon for her.

We have spent the morning repacking our suitcases. Oh man do our clothes stink.

Last night was so much fun! Claire and Caroline took us out and toured around Ely and other towns. We saw Abby gardens which was beautiful.

After touring, we went to a pub for a fantastic dinner. Caroline recommended the Lindonberg Burger so that is what I had. It was so good! Melissa and Teresa really enjoyed their dinners too.

When we got back to camp, the ladies were having some wine so we joined in. It helped all of us sleep last night.

We heard one of the ladies calm down a girl who was homesick the other night. She was very good with her. She told her just three more sleeps, meaning three more nights at camp. I have taken to saying this now too. So today is just one more sleep.

Time for me to shower. The showers are taken away today at 1:00, so I can't miss it.

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