Monday, August 30, 2010

More Recap - London Travels

Hello. Again a quick recap - this was a Girl Scout trip to England and we spent the first couple of days touring around London on our own.

Here's what I posted from that day, Thursday, August 12:

Well it is the end of Thursday here. It's 11:15pm and I'm just getting a minute to post.
Today we toured the Queen's Gallery, Victoria and Albert, Art and Love. It was all of the art that they had commissioned and collected. After that we toured the Royal Mews which is the horses and carriages that the royals have and use. We saw the carriage that Princess Diana rode in before her wedding. Then we toured Buckingham Palace.

After tea and scones at Buckingham Palace we went to Harrod's for a very quick shopping trip. We finished the day with a late dinner at the original Hardrock Cafe.

There is just so much to see here that there's no way we can get it all in. We planned to see the Tower of London for 2 days now, but we keep running out of time. We plan to do that first thing tomorrow.

Time for bed. I hope everyone is well!
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Here's Teresa, Mary Helen, Tiffany, Bailey and Elizabeth at the entrance to the Queen's Gallery.

After the tour, we had a nice lunch. I had chicken with black beans.

And we finished lunch up with fried ice cream - it was very good.

Then it was on to the Royal Mews tour. We saw all of the carriages that the Queen uses.
This was the carriage that Diana rode in to marry Prince Charles.

Then the girls got a hold of the camera.
They were having fun.

You can see me and Melissa walking away in the background. We had given up on getting the camera back.

They found out that they could amuse themselves with their own reflection.

After the Royal Mews tour, we toured Buckingham Palace. Sorry - no pictures allowed in there.
But after the tour, we had a creamed tea, which is scones with clotted cream and jelly and tea. Yummy!

This is looking back at Buckingham Palace. We had the tea under the tents you see on the left. Those are geese in the garden as well.

We were allowed to walk around the garden of Buckingham Palace, which was quite pretty. Keep in mind this is in the middle of London, yet it was so quiet and peaceful.

After Buckingham Palace, it was time for some shopping! Harrods here we come!

We were pressed for time, so we only had about 45 minutes here. We went up and down the escalators, and I had just enough time to buy (what else) 2 cupcakes. They made the perfect bedtime snack for everyone.

Last stop on this day was the original Hard Rock Cafe in London. We had a great dinner.

I took this picture in the Underground. It just cracked me up because instead of "exit" signs, we would see "way out" signs.

That's all for now. More later.


Donna said...

The gardens of Buckingham Palace are gorgeous! Clotted Cream? I like cream but NOT the name clotted. lol I like the photos the girls took. Too funny!

Reading Allowed said...

No pictures allowed at Buckingham Palace? That is not cool :(