Saturday, August 28, 2010

Recap of London Travels - Aug 11

I will apologize for the huge post right off the bat. This day (Wednesday, August 11) was just so packed it was hard not to include everything. And for anyone just joining the blog - this was a Girl Scout trip to London.

Here's the first post I did about this day:

Today we are off to Buckingham palace. The weather is beautiful and the sun is out. We will take part of the changing of the guards and then off to London tower.
My power adapters don't work, so I couldn't charge my phone last night. This might be the last post unless I can find another charger.

We took part of the flag ceremony this morning at Pax Lodge which was quite nice.

Gotta run. We are having a wonderful time!
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And here's some pictures - the flag ceremony at Pax Lodge. All of the girls who are staying at Pax Lodge came out.

This is all of our group in front of the Pax Lodge sign. We are all dressed up because we are headed to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard ceremony.

A bunch of the girls staying at Pax Lodge were going to the ceremony as well, so we followed them to Buckingham Palace.

Here we are walking to the Underground station.

And here's the herd of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides (as they are known in England) walking in London.

This picture was taken after the changing of the guard ceremony. I was looking through the gates that surround Buckingham Palace. Where those guards are now is where we stood during the ceremony - but we were not allowed to take any pictures during that time.

This was taken after the ceremony - just to give you an idea of how many people were there to see the changing of the guards.

And here's the girls immediately after the changing of the guards. They were changing their shoes. We were not allowed to wear tennis shoes, or trainers as they are called there.

We stopped for lunch at a restaurant afterwards.

Here's the adults.

I had the fish and chips. This turned out to be probably the worst meal we ate during the whole trip. The chips were cold and the dry lettuce was just plopped on top of them.

Here's what I posted right after this meal:

Wow. What a day so far and we are still going. We went to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. We got to go inside the gates and there were thousands outside. The guards even came over and talked to us.
We are now on our way to the Tower of London - I think.

Oh, and we ate some fish and chips. Not bad!

More later.
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After lunch, we hopped back on the Bus tour because our tickets were good for 24 hours.

Here's a horse head sculpture - not sure why.

I think this was the shopping area - this was taken from the bus. But I thought this picture was interesting to show how many people were out and about.

This is Trafalgar Square - again the picture was taken from the bus.

Before we went to the Tower of London, the girls got their picture taken with Jack Sparrow.

And this other guy - a lizard type thing. These were street performers and for some change you could get your picture taken with them.

After this we hopped onto a boat to take us down to the Tower of London. Here's a view of the London Eye from the river.

And a picture of the girls on a bridge.

We made it to the Tower of London and we took our picture in front of it. However, we realized that we didn't have enough time to do a tour so we moved on to something else.

We got back on the boat and went back to the London Eye.

Here's the underside of London Bridge.

Here's Mary Helen, Melissa and Teresa on the boat.

Here's the London Eye from the boat. Scary high!

Here's the girls (in the very bottom middle) walking to the London Eye.

We all got on, despite at least two of us (Teresa and me) not liking heights.

We are waving at the car behind us.

The views from up there.

It was worth the trip!

So, this was one of the neatest things we saw while in London. It was a Dyson hand dryer! You stuck your hands into the dryer and it blew tons of air on you and your hands dried quickly. After seeing this we often looked for restrooms with this dryer in it. It's the little things that mattered to us.

And here the girls are in the subway after a long day.

Here's my last post from that day:

Wow are we tired. It's 12:15 am here and we are about to go to bed.
Today after Buckingham Palace we had lunch and then went to tour the Tower of London, but we ran out of time so we will do that tomorrow. Instead we went on the London Eye. That was amazing. I normally don't like heights but I'm so glad I did it.

After a quick dinner, we went to the London Tower to see the locking of the gates. This is a very old ceremony that we had special tickets for.

We are quite familiar with the tube now, as we have been taking that everywhere.

Time for bed, we have another long day tomorrow.
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Again, sorry for the long post, but it was hard to not include so many pictures.


Reading Allowed said...

Why no sneakers? Just while they're in uniform?

I'm glad you did the London Eye. When I saw that I thought you should do it for Rominal's sake if nothing else :)

Donna said...

I have seen the London Eye on t.v. so it was great to see your views from it. That is really high! Those Dyson Hand Dryers are most awesome! I like the way your hands feel when you are drying them. Great photos Wendy!