Thursday, August 5, 2010

Orange you glad it isn't blue anymore?

So, back in 2006, we painted Bailey's room two tones of blue. She liked it a lot and all was good.

Rominal even built a shelf that went all around her room to hold her Beanie Baby collection.

Well, she felt she was too old for that color now. All she has been talking about for at least the last year is that she wanted to paint her room orange.

Yes, I said orange.

It's a fine color, but not my typical color choice for walls. But she persisted, and begged and begged some more.

I heard things like, "but Mom, orange is who I am!" "Orange is just so me!"

I finally gave in, and last Saturday Bailey, her friend Tiffany, and I painted her room orange.

And I do mean ORANGE.

Here's Bailey and Tiffany showing it off.

It took us 3 coats (3 gallons) to cover up the old blue paint and we were using the paint that has the built-in primer!

The girls really worked hard. We got the 3 coats done in just one day. I couldn't walk normally the next couple of days, but then I'm old.

The room almost doesn't need lights anymore.

We also took down the shelves because we sold all of Bailey's Beanie Babies at the garage sales to earn money for our trip to London.

I'm starting to really get excited about our trip. I heard from another Girl Scout leader who is over there now that she was freezing cold at night while camping. She is someone like me who is almost never cold. Considering it was 105 here today, cold sound real good, but not too cold. Anyway, I'm now rethinking my whole packing strategy. Shorts are now out, and I'm thinking pants.

I have to go shopping. hee hee.


Mom (Suzie) said...

Is it possible to sleep in an orange room? It is really bright!!! But I like it, especially with the new bedspread. The room looks so clean and fresh. Good job!

Evil stepmother/grandmother said...

I love it!!!!! And you sold the Beanie Babies? A new world order is definitely upon us.